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We as a citizen of the earth take in the opinions from many of our criticizer and complimenter in our life Journey. One of the best compliment for my blog journey is for my domain name. As it says, I don’t wanna die while alive so, I wanna experience the taste of life in each of her buds. I will take you along with my experience. Chill out!!! Only for the good one.

I perceived somewhere, “The more you give, the more you get” so, We sensed, if we share our learnings, we will grow as far as we can. This seed of thought flourished a wonderful blog which you happen to land in.

We differ from other bloggers as we are gonna concentrate on a variety of fields. If you are willing to share like us, Please feel free to drop a mail to dontdiewhilealive@gmail.com. We are there to rescue you. I am damn sure, you will grow when you share with whatever you have.

I personally had the doubt, why everyone is writing a book. But, learned a lesson, if there is no book, I might not able to talk to Gandhi or Helen Keller who are not in my living zone. So, registering our learnings might help one person. Join our club by dropping a mail to us.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day. Keep growing by sharing!!!

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