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I am able to analyse the 77 questions asked in the exam & source. From the analysis, below are my Inference

  1. Most of the questions are from 10th,11th,12th std.If you read, make note of it & revise it. You can crack most questions
  2. 6th,9th,11th new books are released recently. If you happen to skim through the book , you can crack some questions in that part.

Below are the questions and answers along with the source of TNPSC – 2018 – Group 2 – Interview post

Question NoQuestionsSourceAnswers
2Hughie was popular with everyone10th Std - Model MillionaireSachin is a well-known cricketer
3Choose the best antonym for the underlined word - Such men as Baron are very rare10th Std - Model MillionaireCommon
4Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions - Birds were seen moving------- one place to another place --------- the change in seasons10th Std - A Flight with the moon on their wingsfrom,within
8Read the passage and choose the correct answer - Ivan Dmitrich's Income was12th Std - The Lottery Ticket1200
11Select the correct plural form of the following - Index12th Std - Julius CaesarIndices
12Choose the correct plural form for - Alumnus10th Std - Making visible the InvisibleAlumnae
17"Not loth to have excuse to go,
Because the autumn eve was fare”
What does “loth” mean?
10th Std - Going for waterHate,dislike
18Match column A with column B.Select the correct code given below - Source for Sickle11th Std - The Solitary Reaper2341
19In which poem the river is referred to as “a silver blade”10th Std - Going for waterGoing for water
20’A forlorn and shipwrecked brother’
The word “forlorn” Here means
12th Std - A Psalm of LifeLonely & Sad
21”Everything must yield to the paramount duty of finishing this war” these are the words of9th Std - One minute apologyAbraham Lincoln
22Who was Helen Keller -12th Std - Ceaseless crusaderweak flesh & willing spirit
24Not that I loved Caesar less,
But that I loved Rome more”
Above lines are spoken by
12th Std - Julius CaesarAbdul kalam
25”Oscar wilde had a brilliant wit”
Here the word “wit” refers to
12th Std - Julius CaesarIntelligence
26In Oscar wilde’s story “The model millionaire” who was actually Baron hausberg? -10th Std - Model MillionaireA Rich man
27---------- was the pianist and director of the music division at the boston conservatory
10th Std - Music The hope raiserDr. Karl Paulneck
28”We are not advocating xenophobia nor isolation.But all of us have to be clear that nobody is going to hold our hands to lead us into the developed country club”
In the passage , Xenophobia means
11th Std - Vision for the NationFear of Strangers
29Match the following10th Std & 12th Std - poems & author name2134
30”The man he killed” is a poem written by12th Std - The man he killedThomas hardy
31Match column A with Column B12th Std - Poem & authors3421
32which of the following is not a poem12th Std - HiroshimaHiroshima
33The owner of the textile shop brought a11th Std - RefloweringCalculator
34who accompanied kalpana chawla to the flight school?11th Std - Bon voyage
35who is laxmi accompanied Ahtushi Deshpande?12th Std - To the Land of snowPorter
36Empoli is a town in11th std - The Helping handItaly
37”Most learned judge! A Sentence ! come prepare” Quote by whom in the merchant of venice11th Std - Merchant of VeniceShylock
38The following line is from the poem
“Why don’t you join the others? What a peculiar child you are!”
7th Std - Punishment in Kindergarten Punishment in Kindergarten
40Pick out the correct option:
In the story “The Open window” the hunting party went for ------ Shooting
12th - The open windowSnipe
41”Bertie, why do you bound?”
The above song is mentioned in the story
12th Std - The open windowThe open window
42In the story “How tha camel got its hump” -------------------- is incharge of the desert12th Std - How the camel got its humpDjin
43Match the followingappa - 11th Std - Reflowering4123
44Identify the meaning of the underlined word in this poetic line
“If you can’t be a muskie,then just be a bass”
11th Std - Be the besta type of rose
45Fill in the blanks in the following line with the correct word
“The quality of ------ is not strain’d”
11th Std - Mercy and JusticeMercy
46Who among the following poets found the weekly newspaper “Long islander” -11th Std O captain! My captain!walt whitman
47Select the suitable idiom to complete the sentence
Let us settle the bill for the damage
11th Std - Vision for the nationfair and square
49Choose the correct synonym for the underlined word
You should relinquish the job -
11th Std - farmergive up
50Match the words in column A with suffix in column B12th Std - To the land of Snow3142
51Choose the appropriate stem word with which the suffix “Ship” can combine -10th Std - Our heritage - A timeless marvelCraftsman
53Pick out the sentence with the wrong usage of verb7th Std - Dreams can come trueTwo and two make four
59Identify the following sentence "“Acquire knowledge which will be useful to you in later life"10th Std - A Golden PathComplex
61.Choose the correct blended word for the following
Helicopter + airport =
12th Std - Mark of vishnuHeliport
62Form a new word by blending the words
“International + Police” =
12th Std - mark of vishnu

63”Dust thou art,to dust returnest” This allusion is taken from -------- book12th Std - A psalm of lifebible
64The figure of speech used in the following poetic line "O Ye Wheels" from the poem "The cry of the children" of Elizabeth Barret Browning is10th Std The cry of the childrenPersonification
65"---- My man hood is cast in the flood of remembrance" The figure of speech in this line is10th Std - PianoMetaphor
66”And what is more,you’ll be a man,My son”
The above lines are from
10th Std - ManlinessManliness
67”Like gnomes that hid us from the moon”
The word “gnomes” means
10th Std - Going for waterdwarfs
68”Now drops that gloated on the pool like pearls and now a silver blade
The above lines are taken from
10th Std - Going for waterGoing for water
69”Ready to run to hiding new with laughter when she found us soon”
The above lines are taken from
10th Std - Going for waterGoing for water
70-------------- was the star student of Perkins school for the visually impaired children -
6th Std - The Mystery of language Anne sullivan
71”The Story of my life” is the autobiography of 6th Std - The Mystery of languageHelen keller
72william shakespeare married anne hathaway in the year11th Std - The Merchant of venice1582
73On Reading Oscar wilde’s “The selfish giant” we find that the school children used to go and play --------- in the giant’s garden
12th Std - The selfish giant
every afternoon
74Which one of the following is the short story collection of “oscar wilde”12th Std - The Selfish giantThe happy prince
75In Oscar wilde’s “The selfish giant”.The dead body of the giant is covered with
12th Std - The Selfish giantwhite blossoms
76Name the goddess that is worshipped in the travelogue “To the land of snow” -12th Std - To the land of snow Nanda devi
77Choose the american english word for “pavement”Std 12 - Julius caesarSidewalk
79Name the Poet who wrote the poem "On killing a tree"Std - 9 - new book - on killing a treeDr`kieve patel
80Match column A with Column BStd - 12th - Poets nationality3142
81In which country the story “Two friends” took place -12th Std - Two friends france
82Mr Loisel is working in the office of the board of11th Std - The necklaceEducation
83Rowther was promoted as -------- in “Reflowering11th std supplementary - RefloweringManager
84…………… is the leader of the gang in “Holiday”11th Std - HolidayPhatik chakrabarthy
85Phatik’s uncle name was …………….. In “Holiday”11th Std - HolidayBishvambar

86”Success does not mean the absence of failures
It means winning the war,not every battle”
It is a famous quote of
11th Std The road to successEdwin C Bliss
87”we are not advocating xenophobia nor isolation”
Who says these words ?
11th Std - Vision for nationAPJ Abdul kalam
88”As caesar loved me,I weep for him” - these are the words quoted by12th std - Julius caesarBrutus
89”Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide”
It is a message from
11th Std The Road to successEmerson
90Match the column A with column B11th std - New book - author of prose4312
91At last Ivan thought to hang himself on first ------- tree12th Std - The Lottery ticketaspen
92On hearing the result,masha dropped12th std The lottery ticketthe cloth
93The giant’s final journey was to12th Std - The selfish giantparadise
94what is the theme observed in the poem "Migrant Bird"10th std - Migrant Bird(theme mentioned in syllabus)Universal brotherhood and unrestricted freedom
95what is the theme observed in the literary work mentioned here in the bracket(snake)12th Std - snake - (theme mentioned in syllabus)Hospitality to animals
96”Again, it was in my subconscious mind that i wanted to play for India” - who said?9th std - Goal setting - New Book Kris Srikkanth
97Match the poems under column A with the poets under column B11th Std - Poems and Poet2413
99Who among the following has flavoured with sentimental preachment in his poems?12th Std - A psalm of lifeH.W Longfellow


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